To promote GOOGLE ADS, everyone wants to spend the least money to get a good ranking. On the other hand, 60% of Google’s advertising ranking depends on bidding, and 40% depends on back-end optimization. To maximize benefits, the best way is to optimize the back-end account and improve the advertising quality score. Here is an analysis for you, the factors that determine the advertising quality score, and how to improve the advertising quality score.

First of all, there are three factors that affect the quality score of GOOGLE ads:

1. Advertising relevance: the relevance of search terms, advertising slogans and landing pages;

2. Click-through rate: the user searches for keywords, and the probability of being clicked by the user after our advertisement is displayed;

3. The user experience of landing pages: After the user clicks on the advertisement, whether he finds the desired result, how long he stays for, whether an inquiry is generated, etc.

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Then, how to improve the quality score? Start with three influencing factors and investigate them one by one:

1. Advertising relevance.

For the average keywords of the relevance of the advertisement, we can consider extracting these words, creating a separate ad group, and then setting the ad creative and landing page for the corresponding ad group. In addition, if we are using phrase matching or related matching, we must also pay attention to timely negation to avoid advertisements displayed in the query results that shouldn’t exist, and reduce the relevance of keywords.

2. The click rate can be improved from the following aspects:

Increase the average ad position: Google officially said that the expected click-through rate they gave has excluded the effect of ad position, but experience tells us that when the slogan and landing page are the same, the price is increased and the average position is up. The expected click-through rate has also gone up. Therefore, if you expect a low click-through rate, remember to look at the average position, preferably in the first or second place.

Check advertising creativity: It’s like buying things on the street. At the two shops next to each other, everyone likes to look at the high-end atmosphere, the products are rich and diverse, and the advertisement is also the same. The user only sees your good-looking skin. Have ideas to understand your interesting soul. Therefore, when writing advertising copy, you must be more attentive. If you are not creative, you can go and see more of your peers. At the same time, when writing, use more numbers, call-to-action, and a sense of urgency to increase user clicks.

Try more: We can add three different slogans to each ad group, and after a few rounds of testing, we can know which style is more popular.

Keyword insertion function: Users are more inclined to click on ads with their own search terms in the slogan, so you can consider using dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) to increase click-through rates.

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3. The user experience of the landing page.

The landing page must be relevant: when a user searches for a certain keyword and clicks on an ad, he finds that he can’t find the information he wants, so he turns around and leaves. That’s why we said that when grouping ads, we should subdivide them as much as possible so that different landing pages can be set for different ad groups to achieve accurate push.

The content must be highly readable and able to grasp the pain points of users: This is the same as our foreign trade website construction. Users click in. In addition to grasping the pain points of users, we also provide solutions, and at the same time make users believe our Strength will eventually generate inquiries. Assuming that the entry is unremarkable and there is no desire to cooperate, it will naturally leave.

Check the speed: use Google pagespeed insightsz or GTmetrix to check the loading speed of the website. If the speed is too slow, optimize it quickly.

Check the friendliness of the mobile terminal: The current mobile terminal traffic is very large, so when we are doing the landing page, we can actually set the PC grouping and mobile terminal grouping, and set the landing page correspondingly, the effect is better.

In short, the promotion of GOOGLE ADS is about details and skills, and also good at data analysis. I hope you will study hard and make progress every day.

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