As a domestic foreign trade network marketing service provider, it helps corporate customers build foreign trade marketing websites, and provides integrated marketing promotion, foreign social network promotion and other multi-channel marketing services, tracking and maintaining the online marketing effects of foreign trade companies, including helping companies to conduct traffic statistics Analysis, accurate and effective inquiry data, keyword ranking analysis, and answers to some daily network promotion questions. Common foreign trade promotion methods are:
1. Manual free promotion: Free registration on international B2B, B2C platforms, foreign trade networks, publishing product information, website information, foreign blogs, forums publishing product information, website information, and finding buyer information on the Internet. send email. Advantages: The biggest advantage is that it’s free, you don’t need to spend money at all, and you do it yourself;
2. Paid promotion on the platform, paid promotion on B2B, B2C platforms, payment for platform promotion like Alibaba, Tradekey, IOFFER, etc.; Advantage: targeted promotion Relatively strong, foreign buyers on the platform have obvious intentions, strong pertinence, and strong desire to buy, giving traditional industry products a fixed platform. The effect is relatively good.

3. Search engine promotion, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) has recently emerged and is a popular online promotion method. According to statistics, 63% of customers search for products and services through search engines. There are two main methods: ① Search engine bidding ranking (bidding advertising) is keyword advertising, namely GoogleAdwords, Baidu promotion, yahoo promotion; ② Search engine optimization (SEO), is keyword ranking, including website optimization structure, keyword optimization Ranking, etc., is the natural ranking optimization on the left side of the search engine. Increase search engine friendliness and increase keyword exposure to achieve the purpose of increasing orders and sales.

The foreign trade website is to win in the details. All the costs of doing the website, including buying domain names, buying space, designing companies, seoer, and this, are all in the final analysis to improve our website and increase sales.

As an effective way of website promotion, search engine optimization is also very important to the SOHO family who are foreign trade stations. Here are some promotion strategies for domestic foreign trade websites:

1. Visit foreign forums or foreign trade forums

In the forum, you can learn about the thoughts of foreigners, and there will be many forums that need to exchange friendship links. Most of them will propose some conditions. If you think it is suitable, you can exchange some links with them. Of course, you can also visit In domestic foreign trade forums, there are many veterans in such forums. They will give everyone their risk experience from time to time. This step is communication, and it is also very important. It is necessary to learn how to communicate in an English environment.

2. Follow the email link in foreign websites

The choice of website category is related to the success of your website promotion. The websites of many associations in Europe and America end with .org, so you can use to find such websites. In such websites, There will be a lot of detailed member information, including name, company website link, contact person, and even email. Sometimes, you find a good association. The membership information on it is enough for you to send a month’s email.

3. Make full use of free resources

This contains a lot of things. E-commerce platforms, free communities, forums, blogs, MSN, RSS subscriptions, wikis, and web digests can all become your propaganda positions. Some related foreign forums and blogs can post messages for promotion, if it is for For customers in a certain country, you can go to some communities in their country to post and promote. This is the most direct and effective method.

The above three methods are all effective free promotion strategies, reasonable and effective use of free resources to promote websites, I believe this is what many companies hope, in addition to free, there are paid promotion methods, of course, paid promotion effect It may be more direct and faster.

4. Do Google Pay Click

Google keyword pay, but it is the fastest and the most effective. As long as you have enough funds, you can do this. However, the disadvantage is that if a competitor maliciously clicks, then your advertising cost It will rise sharply, and Google is very strict about the promotion of imitation brand products, so if you do imitation products, it is recommended to do SEO.

5. Website search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a long-term solution. For many websites, this is also a must. You can find a professional online company to help you do SEO, or you can optimize SEO yourself. There are many tutorials on the Internet, as long as it is not an illegal search engine. Rules can be operated, then you can try, after all, SEO is the most practical means of promotion.