A foreign trade website is a web site for foreign trade companies. It mainly briefly describes some methods and skills of foreign trade companies, how to build a foreign trade website, and what kind of user experience can bring the most benefits. Foreign trade websites can be divided into browsing websites and marketing websites according to their functions., Is a network site established by enterprises in order to display products and corporate information to the outside world. The advantage is that the cost of establishment and maintenance is low, and the follow -up maintenance cost after the basic station is built is low.

Foreign trade websites can be divided into browsing websites and marketing websites according to their functions. Browsing type: A browse type website is a network site established by an enterprise to display products and corporate information to the outside world. Advantages: The cost of establishment and maintenance is low, and the follow-up maintenance cost after the basic station is built is low.

Marketing website integrates various network marketing concepts and website operation management methods. It not only focuses on the professionalism of website construction, but also pays more attention to the entire process of website operation and management. It is a whole-process network marketing model that integrates enterprise website construction and operation and maintenance.


1. Pay attention to the details of website construction and pay attention to customer experience;

2. The website is constructed in accordance with the habits of search engines to facilitate the inclusion of search engines;

3. The company has its own back-end to facilitate the management of the website and information;

4. The marketing website has its own inquiry system, which is convenient for enterprises to communicate with customers;

5. It is not only a display platform for enterprises, but also a sales platform for enterprises.

Steps to build a foreign trade website:

(1) Applying for a domain name: From a technical point of view, a domain name is a method used to resolve the correspondence between addresses in the Internet. Due to the widespread popularity and dissemination of domain names on a global scale through the Internet , domain names have become culturally and widely used. The concept of social meaning. Domain names are hailed as the “online trademarks of enterprises” and “house numbers on the Internet”. When choosing domain names, many companies often hope to use domain names that are consistent with their own corporate trademarks.Like a trademark, domain names have exclusive rights after registration and are intellectual property protected by law. However, domain name registration follows the principle of first-come, first-register. In order to protect corporate online trademarks, early registration and protection of domain names is very necessary.
(2) Space rental. After an enterprise domain name is registered, it means that the enterprise has the key to open the door to the online world. However, in the cyberspace, the enterprise also has its own online site. Enterprises want to publish information, mainly making information into a homepage, renting a piece of disk space from the network provider, and putting the prepared homepage on it. The rented space is also called a virtual host.
(3) Webpage production. A well-designed homepage will have an excellent publicity effect for the company that owns it, representing the image of the company or company to a certain extent, and bringing them more business opportunities. As a result, more and more companies are in Start to create a web page that reflects your own characteristics and has an excellent publicity effect. However, most of the enterprise sites have a small amount of information and are rarely updated. Basically, they only pile up the information that introduces the company, like an electronic briefcase, like a copy of a printed matter, and it does not reflect the characteristics of electronic media.

(4) Management and maintenance. In order to maintain the best online image of an enterprise, site management and maintenance, and content update are very important. Management and maintenance not only refer to the unblocked network link and the normal operation of the server, but also include website creativity, content extension, visitor service, etc. Reflects the vitality of a corporate website, the importance it attaches to visitors and the attitude of e-commerce. In addition, the establishment of e-mail, the establishment of site visit statistical analysis reports, and online image planning are all issues to be considered in the construction of a corporate network. (5) Possess the essentials.Foreign trade companies should consider the following factors when constructing a website to be considered a qualified corporate website, otherwise they will undoubtedly die.

(6) Pay attention to ranking, access speed, selection of marketing tools, beautiful design, etc.

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