Easy Inquiry’s intelligent network marketing system platform with Google bidding as the core, search engine marketing (SEM), overseas social media marketing (SNS), video marketing (Video) marketing model, email tracking system, provide enterprises with diversified, efficient, A one-stop solution for high-conversion integrated foreign trade marketing.

SNS marketing is actually a kind of social promotion. The second is to convey information about products and enterprises through social interaction, and the second is to show in the community or community communication. The characteristics of sns: wide user resources and fast transmission speed. User resources are scattered in various places, including various industries, and can get a certain amount of attention; high dependence and strong experience. The sns method is manifested in the interactivity and participation, which can fully play a role in bringing the surface to the surface, and can drive the liveliness.


What are the advantages of sns website marketing?

1. SNS can plan out corresponding promotion strategies according to the different needs of different companies.

SNS is a form of continuous innovation and promotion, and more and more companies are opening up the network marketing market in SNS. A variety of online activities, market research, and promotion can be carried out, which also maximizes the characteristics of sns communication with people.

2. It can reduce unnecessary costs.

The SNS social network gets more people’s attention through communication and interaction. It also fully reflects the high degree of participation, sharing and interaction of community users. More is the sharing of information, which achieves a certain effect of information dissemination in the process of sharing.

3. Precise positioning of target users.

sns can be screened according to region, age, income, hobby spending, etc., and users who are interested in or need the information can be screened, so as to have a plan and purpose for social marketing plans.

4. SNS marketing is a promotion method that meets the needs of online users.

Mainly based on sharing and interaction. Get relevant and important information in a relaxed communication environment.